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Is Hiring SQL Developers Really That Important for Your Business?



Is Hiring SQL Developers Really That Important for Your Business?

Indeed, it is!  SQL developers are important so much that they could be the one thing standing between you and your business’s success.

In this article, you will read more about SQL and why you need it for your business.

Let us dive in!

  • What is SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a type of programming language unlike any other, designed specifically to manipulate datasets using relational calculus. That means

  • Creating and storing data in databases
  • Managing databases; inserting, deleting, modifying, updating, etc.,
  • Retrieving relative data from databases

Think of it as a way to talk or communicate with your relational database to make sense out of the information stored and use it to make informed decisions.

Since its first appearance in the year 1947, SQL has gained popularity to become an indispensable tool for data management.

  • How does it work?

SQL sounds complicated. Right!? Well, it’s not. In the real sense, it works more like a social media platform or app.

Take Facebook, for example; to open a page or account, first, you will need to create a profile by sharing some of your personal info. After that, you will generate more information connecting with your friends. The Facebook app will store all that data and will continue doing so as it comes. Eventually, you will have more friends hence more posts, comments, likes, videos, images, inbox messages, and much more. As you can see, this is too much information for a simple database to hold. That’s why database management is necessary.

After creating your database, programmers will use SQL to access and retrieve your data when necessary. You can relate a database to a library. The librarian lists all the books available in a systematic order according to their title, genre, unique ID, author(s), and languages. With that information finding what you want is easy and much faster, without going through all the books in the library one by one. That’s what SQL does for you in business.

  • So, who is an SQL Developer?

An SQL developer is a person with the relevant knowledge and skillset to handle SQL-related matters. He/she is the SQL expert.

  • Why Do We Need to Hire a SQL Developer?

There are so many reasons why you should hire an SQL developer for your business. Here are some of them

  • It Saves You Time

Every time you waste it, you lose money, and that’s not in your best interest. Competent SQL developers know their way around the system to deliver what you need when you need it. They are keen to get rid of obsolete information, update your system, detect and fix issues before they happen to ensure accuracy. As a result, this will help minimize the number of errors in your business, meaning you will have time on your hands to boost your productivity.

  • To Ensure Effective Data Management

Effective data management has always been an essential part of running a business. But it’s even more so now that we rely on data for everything. Both small and big brands have to deal with large volumes of information daily. Accessing this information is necessary to make informed business decisions. Without it, you will end up making bad decisions which is a guarantee to fail. And that’s why SQL developers are so important. They have both the technical and the soft skills necessary to ensure effective data management. Some of these skills are

  1. Data engineering
  2. Computer programming languages
  • Software management
  1. Analytical
  2. Communication
  3. Creativity

These allow them to

  1. Create and manage privileges, indexes, tables, and DB links
  2. Create fast and easy access to massive information
  • Manage database backup
  1. Create new databases
  2. Improve data models and databases
  3. Identify and fix programming errors and more.


  • Data Security, Data Backup, and Data Disaster Recovery

Data mismanagement can be very costly; by all means, avoid it by hiring an SQL developer. So, how does that help you?

  • Prevent Cyber Attacks & Data Leakage

If sensitive information gets into the wrong hands, it’s used against you to bring your business down by

  • Hackers – use it to gain financial access to your business and clientele or other malicious acts. They are the worst kind.
  • Competitors/business rivals – they learn your business secrets and use them to beat you at your own game in the market.

SQL developers can prevent these by

  • Limiting account privileges
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Data validation


  • Accidental Deletion and Loss of Data

It’s not uncommon for data to disappear without a trace from the database. Sometimes it’s a malicious act, and other times it’s an accident. In any case, SQL developers are keen to create a data backup to protect your business from harm as a result.

  • Data Disaster Recovery

It’s always good to hope for the best, but it’s wise to expect and prepare for the worst. How you respond to disasters is the key to determine business continuity and ultimate success.

A Data Recovery (DR) is a strategic plan to protect businesses from both natural (tornado, hurricane) and human-made disasters (cyber-attack). The goal is to avoid disruptions and keep your business running before, after, and even during a disaster. That’s one more reason to hire an SQL developer.


Is hiring an SQL developer really worth it? Yes! Is it a waste of time? No! On the contrary, it saves you more time, money to make your business even more productive.

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A Quick Guide to Hiring C# Programmers



A Quick Guide to Hiring C# Programmers

With more and more organizations switching to cloud, programmers are becoming an essential part of any organization. If you’ve got a lean team, though, and you aren’t quite ready—or your funds aren’t quite there yet—to get an in-house programmer, then work with a freelancer for now. Wondering how to find the right pros to take on the job for you, though? We admit it’s never easy. There’s so much that could go wrong if you end up choosing a bad hire—compromised morale, poor use of company resources, lower productivity and a whole lot more. You can prevent all these with ease when you use care and caution in the hiring process. This quick guide should help.

Understand the Basics

Before you start checking out candidates for C# programmers, be clear about the applications that C# programming is used for: web applications, web services as well as web API, and then native iOS as well as Android mobile apps. It’s also used for backend services and video games. By knowing the applications it’s used for, you now have a better understanding of what C# programming can do and why it’s essential to your own operations.

Look for Proficiency

When you hire programmers for the job, make sure you go with candidates who demonstrate high levels of proficiency in using the program. A strong understanding of the software and high proficiency in the programming language aren’t the same. But one informs the other. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the program will have an easier time fulfilling the requirements of your project. These candidates are in the best position to make the most that C# can do for you.

Knows .Net and Mono Framework

Before you choose any of the names on your shortlist, ask if they’re familiar with .NET and the Mono frameworks. These are essential in developing applications. If they’re not at all familiar with them or having a hard time using these frameworks, that could be a potential problem down the road. Consider the requirements of your projects—the current one you’re hiring for and the ones that are on the pipeline. If you need someone with skills to use these frameworks, you’ll have to keep looking.

Familiar with Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming or OOP is one of the key features of C# programming. Your developer must have a good understanding of this. If your developer doesn’t have a solid understanding of objects and code, then that won’t do. You won’t be able to maximize their help with your projects. It’s best to take them off your list and look for candidates with the skills you need.

Knowledge of Architectural Patterns

A skilled developed must also hold considerable knowledge in design as well as architectural patterns. Insight into patterns that are associated with code-level commonalities is also a definite must-have. When you look for programmers to join your team, anyone who demonstrates these skills are certain to move up the top of your list. Be sure to note this down.

Experience with Web Application Frameworks

Are the programmers well versed in the use of software frameworks? These are typically designed to provide support for developing web applications. A developer who is familiar with these frameworks and applications will know what to use to come up with your application. With a reliable and experienced C# developer, you and your team can look forward to developing and maintaining as well as troubleshooting your app. If you’ve had that idea for months and you’re only putting together a team to make that happen, then do your best to get the right people for your project.

Cost and Budget

How much does the programmer charge? Consider your budget, too. If the price is too steep, look at other channels and hiring platforms. is one of the many marketplaces where you can find freelancers who provide services for hire. You’re sure to find a freelancer whose rate works with your budget but who demonstrates the talent and skill you need in a programmer.

Freelancer or Agency?

You can also choose between hiring a freelancer or agency. Agencies often have big teams, and so have the wherewithal to provide a range of services. If that’s the kind of assistance you need, then direct your attention to agencies on the platform. However, if the scope of the project is small, it might be better to go with a freelancer, who also tends to be much more flexible and can truly focus on your project.

Personality Fit

Is the programmer a culture fit? Corporate culture is an important part of the work environment. It impacts employee retention. In a time when you need your team to perform at their optimum best, hiring a programmer who is right at home with everyone else can boost morale and helps maintain positive energies and good vibes at work is ideal.

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Hiring Tips to Get Freelance SQL Developers for Your Project



Hiring Tips to Get Freelance SQL Developers for Your Project

For many of the best companies in the world, hiring is a serious business. It’s a lengthy process, from finding candidates and sifting through resumes to going through rounds of interviews before finally finding the most promising or the most perfect hires. There’s a lot of effort and attention paid to the process, and for good reason. The wrong hire could lead to a ton of problems and headaches, all of which you can avoid if you only take the time and care to hire right from the get-go. To that end, here are tips to help you pick the right person for your team.

Use Job Platforms

Knowing where to look for your candidates is a step in the right direction. That’s where freelance marketplaces come in. These are platforms where professionals advertise their services. While there are free options, you’re much better off when you sign up for a paid service as these are an excellent place to find experts with high-level skills. If you’re hiring SQL Developers, paid marketplaces are better since the fees discourage dodgy clients and candidates. This is also a good time to decide whether you’re hiring an agency or freelancer. You’ll find both on some freelance marketplaces, so consider your needs before you move forward with a decision.

Look for Credentials

Most job searches start here. Consider the credentials and qualifications of the candidates you’re checking out. Some companies, though, hire candidates who aren’t all that experienced as they are willing to provide training for the future employee. However, not all companies have the luxury to hire young talents. If you need a developer who can hit the ground running, then you’ll want to hire someone with more experience. Besides, a seasoned designer is often in a much better position to handle problems that might arise as they’ve likely dealt with the same thing before. That’s a definite advantage as it means that they can handle problems efficiently, reducing the time and effort needed to resolve those issues.

Talk About Aspirations

What is the goal of the candidate? When you look for developers, it’s not just ideal to consider the credentials and qualifications on their resume, or in this case, online portfolio. You need to learn about their aspirations too. If the job is nothing more than a temporary stepping-stone for them, if they’re just waiting until a better offer comes along, you’ll want to consider other candidates. Pick one who is willing to grow with the company, who is looking for an environment where they will thrive, which means a company that they will be loyal to for years.

Call Those References

The right candidates won’t have any trouble providing references. They’re proud of their record and it shows. However, we all know how time-consuming this part is and it can be tempting for you to just skip it all together. Don’t do that. It’s tedious but do it anyway. Talking to a former boss or colleague can tell you a lot about the employee—about their perks, how they are as an employee and if they’re a good fit with the rest of your team.

Don’t Focus on Their Past

Yes, call up those references. Find out as much as you can about how they were in the past. However, their past doesn’t need to define them. If they made mistakes, if they were retrenched or let go, those shouldn’t get in the way of their chances of getting hired. People have a right to change. What you’ll want to learn by looking into their past is how they work and handle problems. It shouldn’t give you the license to judge them for their actions or any mistakes they might have made in the past.

Consider Tests Too

But you can find ways to get more information by carrying out tests. Personality questionnaires can help and provide a glimpse into the candidate’s psyche or profile. Skills-based exams are a good option, too. Give them a try. With the data you’ll get along with the information that you’ll glean from the interview, you have plenty of material to work with and assess, allowing you to make smarter and better hiring decisions.

Talk About Payment

How much will the project cost? Will you pay by the hour, project, or a monthly fee? What payment options or arrangements work with the agency or freelancer?

Try a Small Project

Sometimes, though, there’s no better way to know if an employee is trustworthy or not unless you hire them. Apply that thought here. Work with the freelancer or agency on a small project first. That will tell you if you want to keep working with them for the long term.

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