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Things You Must Look for When Hiring an Excel Expert



Things You Must Look for When Hiring an Excel Expert

Prevent hiring mistakes. Your workforce is your company’s backbone. It’s what keeps you going. If you want to make sure nothing compromises your productivity levels and revenue figures, then one of the most important things you need to do is always to get the right people on board your team. Look at several hiring suggestions to help you choose talents who won’t let you down.

Identify Your Needs

Before you start looking for Excel experts online, be clear about the help you need. What’s the extent of the assistance you’re looking for? That will determine the kind of professional you’ll want to hire. For instance, there are freelancers and agencies out there on job marketplaces. Do you have a sizable budget? Then an agency is a good option. If you have a smaller budget, though, freelancers are ideal. However, you could also approach an agency, be upfront about how much you can afford and let the firm come up with a package that works with that budget. That way, you get what you need at a rate that won’t let you exceed your funds.

Look at Qualifications

What kind of credentials does the excel professional have? Does the person have the training and background to provide the level of expertise you expect on the job? What programs did the expert complete in the past? Have they worked in the same position before? Do they have any experience in dealing and managing data that’s meant to be put into excel files? Are they well aware of the shortcuts? These are just some of the questions to help you determine how comfortable the person is in using Excel at work and if they make for a good hiring decision.

Test Them Out

Give them a small project. Working together on a small project will give you a sense of how things will go. Do you and the excel expert see eye to eye on things? If there’s something you don’t understand, does the person take the time to explain it in a way that you’ll understand without making you feel like they’re being condescending to you? Do you like working with the person? By the time the project ends, you’ll have a ton of observations and insights—which should be more than enough to help you decide whether to hire the person for any future work or to keep looking.

Consider Enthusiasm

We also hear about people hiring for qualifications. But there’s less talk involved in hiring someone for their enthusiasm. But having someone around with a ton of enthusiasm can be a huge morale booster. Imagine when that person comes in during meetings or how your team works when that person is around. Do they spread sunshine and positive vibes? Good energy is contagious, and god knows we need as much of them as we can get, especially with the year we’ve had and the year we’ll be plodding through for a couple more months. Hiring someone with high levels of energy can help you and your team stay positive and motivated. That matters. In a time when more and more people are feeling isolated, anxious, and afraid of the future, positive vibes can do more than make people smile. It can help them stay mentally healthy. It can stop feelings of depression and other dark thoughts that could be compromising the performance of some—if not most—of your employees.

Ask for Referrals

If you need people, don’t be afraid to reach out to the rest of your team. Circulate an email to encourage them to send in referrals. That might not get you a lot of candidates, but it could help fill up some of the spots on your shortlist. That can help you get started on the hiring process as soon as possible too. And because they’re referrals, you’re assured that they’re reasonably good hires. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should skip any of the background checks or homework. Go through those steps. That way, you won’t be surprised by any details or information later. Remember, the more details you know, the easier it is for you to cull through your options.

Be Patient

Don’t rush the process. You’re not going to find the right person for the job overnight. But you can get started as soon as you can. If you’re on a tight deadline, if your team needs that excel expert right now, then do your best to balance quality hiring with speed. Don’t just focus on the speed, though, or else, you’ll end up regretting your choice.

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A Guide to Hiring an Academic Writer for your Business



A Guide to Hiring an Academic Writer for your Business

Have you ever thought about how your content on a business website affects your marketing strategy? From your website to social media, any other marketing tactic, the text you display is an essential element that attracts, pursues, and engages your target. Nowadays, where the audience is tired of promotions, value-added content can be the difference that propels your business above your competitors. But before hiring an academic writer, you have to make sure that you get the right one. 


Three steps of the hiring process


1. Intention: 

It is best to start with establishing goals. It is not because it is convenient but because going into this process blank is one of the worst things. When you are about to hire a writer, make sure that you know what you want. It can save you from issues in the future. Ask yourself questions like what content will you be making? How much would you pay them? Ensure that you have answered all of these questions before hiring an academic writer.


2. Where to search:

The next step in finding the best match for your company or organisation is where to look. You can ask for a reference from your family, friends, or colleagues. Our freelancing platform can provide outstanding writers for your work. At Guru, we thoroughly evaluate every writer, and you can check out their profiles before hiring them.


3. Executing the interview:

Once you have done all the research and shortlisted the potential applicants, you are ready to hire someone. Consider the writing sample that people have submitted. Do they have experience in your field? Does their tone match the tone you would have for your brand? And at last, is their writing good? Ask yourself these questions yourself before. Remember to have questions prepared in the first step. Instead of focusing on how much you like a particular person, focus on reading those questions. 


Steps for the management process:


1. Communication:

The first step in managing a team of academic writers is mastering the art of communication. Make sure that you respond to all the doubts of your writers. No one wants to have last-minute instructions every time. It is because they want to be sure that they deliver what you want. At Guru, you can easily communicate with your writers, pass down instructions, and manage your orders effectively.


2. Consistent feedback:

After you receive a write-up, make sure to tweak it according to your requirement. It is because the piece of content the writer will be working on will be that much better. And it also gives writers insight into what type of content you want to see from them. Make sure that the feedback you are giving to your employees is easy to understand and consistent.




Hiring a professional academic writer can seem pretty intimidating at first sight. There will be worrying about compatibility, compensation, and skill level, but you can never anticipate everything. Always establish your goal clearly and figure out what you want from this operation. You can find the most talented writers at Guru. After hiring someone, make sure that you give them regular feedback to enhance their productivity.

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Things to Look for When Hiring a Database Designer



Things to Look for When Hiring a Database Designer

Designers for databases have specialized skills. If you’re looking for a few to join your team, you’ll want to choose new hires that can contribute to your team and company success. Here are some tips on how to find people who are right for your team when you post on job boards and job hiring platforms.

Come Up with a Job Description

There are plenty of skills that a programmer can have: database, data management, Javascript, procedures and others. If you’re browsing around for database designers, then come up with a job description that states the responsibilities and tasks that you expect the designers to take on. Be as specific as you can. That way, when you have applicants for the job, you are sure that they know what you expect out of them. If at any point during the interview, it becomes clear that they didn’t bother to read those requirements or if they don’t have skills you need from your designers, then you can look elsewhere.

Consider Training and Expertise

How long have the designers worked in the industry? Do they have any experience working on projects that you and your team handle? If not, are they willing to learn? And are you all right with the thought of hiring talents that you need to train? If that isn’t a problem, if you’re willing to take on that task, then you might find designers and build a good working relationship with them, one that could last for years. With their support and output, you’ll see your business grow and succeed.

Know the Signs

If you’ve hired designers before, then you should be on the lookout for any bad coding habits. When you go over the skills of designers on your shortlist, you might want to ask them to put together a small project. That should give you an idea of how they work and if their work is on the level that you want for your team. If the level of expertise is below your hiring standard, you’ll go back to the previous question: are you willing to train? That question only applies, though, if you see that the designers are determined, passionate about the job, a good fit for your team, and has the smarts and attitude to make it. What could hurt? Give it a chance.

Look for Data Modelling Skills

When you look for designers, find talents with data modeling skills. Those skills are useful since you need someone who can take one look at your raw data and pull out the essential information from that jumble of numbers and graphs. That information can help with your business decision, so having designers with those skills is sure to be an asset to your team. With someone who can see from other perspectives, you and your team will find it easier to tackle hurdles and resolve issues.

Flexibility is Key

These two qualities matter as well when you’re hiring designers. You want new hires who are flexible enough to go from one project or one demand to another without buckling under the weight of the workload. If you have a ton of work coming, then your new hires need to be on their feet. Can they handle the pressure? Are they well able to balance their work and assignments? That’s something you want to consider too. People who are flexible will find it easier to work with changing deadlines and demands. And given what’s happening in the world right now, a flexible attitude and mindset often helps people concentrate. It helps them get things done and stay productive, even in the midst of confusion, frustration, anxiety, and worry that the pandemic brings.

Consider Culture Fit

When you start looking for designers, you’ll find plenty with excellent skills. But not all of them will be the right fit for your team. That’s where culture fit comes in. People with the right values and mindset are wonderful additions to your team. They’re on the same page with you. They understand what you mean. Communicating with them isn’t a problem and that’s a huge advantage in business as it reduces the risk of friction which could lead to tension and misunderstandings as well as fights that do nothing to add value to the company. Hiring people that you and your team will get along with means you can all look forward to a good working relationship. Positive work relationships help people cope with stress at work. And considering what we’re all facing right now—climate change catastrophes, a global pandemic, an economy in recession—we could use all the help we can get. By hiring the right talent, you can improve working conditions for everyone and strengthen your existing team.

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Top 10 Skills When Hiring a C# Programmer



Top 10 Skills When Hiring a C# Programmer

Must-Have Skills For A C# Programmer

Want to hire a C# programmer for your product but don’t know what to look for? You may be looking for skills that don’t matter in the real world. Here are a few skills that you can keep in mind while looking for the perfect candidate for your team.


Curiosity is what drives people to keep moving forward and open new doors of opportunity. It is what leads you down new paths. Programmers are not supposed to accept things as they are. They strive to achieve the best solutions and new ways of solving problems. Without curiosity, a programmer won’t be able to move forward. Look for candidates who are curious, who ask questions.

Clear Thinking

Programming has a big connection to logic. This is why the candidate you hire to be a part of your programming team needs to have strong, clear thinking skills. These are key skills for any successful programmer. During your screening, conduct a test containing logic questions or see if they can figure out what you are talking about by leaving blanks between your speech.


Good C# programmers can carefully plan their actions after they have analysed their actions. You can find out if the candidate has this skill by presenting a task and asking them to explain what they would do to tackle this task.

Respecting Deadlines

Most people cringe at the mention of deadlines. But being on time should be a priority for everyone. Even though it is believed that a lazy person will find the perfect time-saving solutions for problems, this laziness should not be a dominant feature.

Willingness To Learn

The world of web development languages and programming is constantly upgrading to newer versions. A successful C# programmer should be ambitious enough to never be satisfied with the knowledge they already have. Whoever you decide to hire should be accepting of new things and willing to incorporate them with changing times.


With no passion, there is no motivation. Passion is what gets people through difficult times. The candidate you screen should be asked if they enjoy their profession. See what they sound like when they talk about their work. If they can talk about something and have a strong opinion, you can understand that they are passionate and fulfilled.

Handling Failure

Failure is a part of life. If you haven’t faced failure, you won’t be able to appreciate success. Programmers should be able to take failure and turn it into success. Their ability to handle this failure can tell you a lot about their character and how they would perform on your team. Choose someone who is graceful and humble enough to accept failure and courageous enough to try again.

When you are done with the screening process and narrowed down on a couple of people to join your team and you can’t decide who to pick, ask yourself this one question: would your team accept and enjoy working with this person? And you will have your answer.

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